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The Importance of Best Practices with Liposuction

Liposuction is generally not dangerous, but complications can arise if proper safety practices are not followed. As with many surgical procedures, patients and doctors can minimize the level of risk by taking the appropriate precautions. Thousands of women and men undergo liposuction each year, and a significant number of patients see positive results. If you plan on receiving liposuction in Austin, there are some important factors to consider.

A tummy tuck is a serious procedure, and various risks are involved. The most widespread issues include infection, blood clots, swelling, skin discoloration, pain in the affected area, scarring and uneven results. Less common complications are nerve or skin damage, persistent pain and cardiovascular problems. Before receiving a tummy tuck Austin, it’s important to consult with a qualified surgeon in order to avoid these issues. 

One of the best ways to ensure your safety is to select a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in liposuction. When it comes to tummy tucks in Austin, you have many options. The key to a successful outcome is to choose a surgeon who operates in a properly equipped facility, follows the appropriate risk-reduction practices, has extensive experience, and will only perform the surgery on a suitable candidate.

During your initial consultation, your doctor should disclose all possible risks. As the patient, you have a responsibility to reduce the level of risk associated with your particular case. When discussing your personal history, be honest and inform your doctor of all medications and supplements you take. Request that your doctor perform a skin test to determine if you have any skin allergies. If you smoke or use heavy medication, discontinue use three months before the surgery.

On the day of the procedure, your doctor should take photos before and after the surgery. The surgical tools should be fully sterilized, and you should receive a local anesthetic. When undergoing liposuction Austin or any other area, it’s important to sign a clearly detailed agreement between you and the surgeon. 

Liposuction is the quickest and easiest way to remove excess fat and reshape the body. It can enhance body contours, smooth bumpy areas and improve self esteem. When a tummy tuck procedure is performed by a skilled, knowledgeable and certified plastic surgeon, serious complications are uncommon. By educating yourself on the best surgical practices for liposuction and by choosing a qualified surgeon, you will increase your chances of seeing positive results.

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New Cosmetic Surgery Products and Procedures in Austin, Texas

When it comes to plastic surgery, Austin, Texas, mirrors the rest of the United States and the UK in popular trends. With a slight improvement in the economy here and more disposable income, the actual statistics for body and facial enhancement procedures may be even slightly higher than elsewhere. Both men and women of all ages are going after that idealized, younger, more-attractive appearance. The good news is that recent technology has created less-dangerous and less-invasive procedures. There are also new skin products coming to market that may be more affordable and offer better results.

While Botox, Sculpta and Dysport are still popular cosmetic “injectables” for tiny crows’ feet and laugh lines, Xeomin and Puretex will soon be available for those seeking cosmetic surgery Austin.

The last hurdle for Puretex is FDA approval. Both products appear to offer the same results for a lower price. Non-surgical facial-rejuvenation requests increased in Austin and other parts of the country in 2011. However, there was also an increased demand for more traditional facial surgeries and face lifts. Many clients wanted procedures customized to their specific concerns.

Another interesting trend in plastic surgery in Austin has been the rise in the number of couples who come in together for services. This demographic rose an amazing 88 percent in 2011. The fact that Hollywood couples have been very open about doing whatever is necessary to stay young has probably been a huge influencing factor. It is certainly more acceptable today for men to have cosmetic-enhancement procedures. There has been some evidence that looking youthful can give a man a competitive edge in the workplace. Younger couples seeking cosmetic surgery in Austin usually request liposuction.Older couples tend to prefer face lifts.

Teenage women are also making appointments to request plastic surgery Austin. While this remains a controversial topic, many parents appear to be granting their daughters’ requests for facial restructuring as part of their high school graduation gift. For those suffering from embarrassing facial or body appearance, corrective surgery can be a significant emotional boost.

Overall, the popular trend in cosmetic surgery in Austin is to move in the direction of less-invasive procedures that allow quicker recovery and less downtime. “Liposculpting” through fat transfer is becoming a favorite choice. Lasers and ultrasound devices are positive alternatives to surgical incisions. Today’s baby boomers want to retain their youthful looks for as long as possible, and plastic surgeons in Austin are helping to make that possible.

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Most Popular Reasons for Breast Lifts

Every woman has her own reasons for wanting a breast lift. Many of these reasons have common elements that have made breast lifts and breast augmentation the most frequently requested elective surgical procedures today. Mastopexy, the scientific term for a breast lift, restores the look and feel of breasts that have succumbed to gravity, weight fluctuations or age. Ptosis, the medical term for sagging breasts, may be mild to severe. 

The breast lift Austin women most commonly seek is the simple mastopexy, but breast augmentation sometimes accompanies a breast lift. Breast augmentation in Austin medical clinics and facilities may involve silicone or saline implants. 

Weight Changes

After a significant weight loss, some women lose breast fullness. As fat deposits melt away from bellies and hips, they inevitably leave the breasts too. a breast lift from Austin plastic surgeons may be enough to restore the fuller, perkier appearance the patient's breasts once had, but a simultaneous breast augmentation and lift may provide more dramatic results. 

Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding

During pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations cause rapid changes throughout a woman's body. Her breasts may gain multiple cup sizes within weeks. Breasts that have fed a baby or two almost inevitably lose their tone once the children are weaned. A mastopexy to restore the breasts to their pre-baby appearance is such a common procedure that it has its own nickname: the mommy lift. 


More women have minor breast asymmetry than have perfectly matching breasts. Over time, breasts that are only slightly asymmetrical in youth may become more visibly asymmetrical as the larger breast develops greater ptosis.

A woman who may not have been concerned about a minor difference in size during her college years may find in her forties that buying bras has become a challenge. A surgeon may recommend breast augmentation to one or both breasts. For women who prefer not to undergo an augmentation procedure, the doctor may create greater symmetry by removing a small amount of tissue from the larger side. 


The average person spends about 16 hours a day sitting, standing or walking. Gravity's inexorable pull affects soft tissues over time, causing drooping and sagging of the breasts as the connective tissues that once gave them their lift become slack. A breast lift turns back the hands of the clock to some extent, restoring a more youthful shape. Some patients opt for breast augmentation Austin to gain a more gravity-defying silhouette. 

While every woman is unique, her reasons for wanting a breast lift are shared by thousands of other women whose bodies have undergone similar changes.


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